One day can change a child's future

The Roche Children’s Walk is the primary funding source for Re&Act. It is the signature global employee event. Every year Roche employee walkers from across the globe join together this fundraising initiative that supports humanitarian aid, particularly for vulnerable children.

Begun as a pilot project with 1,300 walkers from three Roche sites (Basel, Nutley and Palo Alto), the Children’s Walk has now seen over 200,000 employees participate from more than 144 sites.

The money raised by employee walkers is matched by Roche and used to support children’s initiatives in developing countries. To make sure that employees can also make a difference within their own community, sites can also contribute up to 50% of the total funds raised to support local projects, helping children receive much needed food, healthcare, counselling, shelter and education.

Previous Walks

  • Roche Singapore (Singapore)
    Roche Singapore (Singapore)
  • Roche Accra (Ghana)
    Roche Accra (Ghana)
  • Roche Algiers (Algeria)
    Roche Algiers (Algeria)
  • Roche Diagnostics Central America (The Caribbean, Panama)
    Roche Diagnostics Central America (The Caribbean, Panama)
  • Roche Budapest (Hungary)
    Roche Budapest (Hungary)
  • Roche Vienna (Austria)
    Roche Vienna (Austria)
  • Roche Malaysia
    Roche Malaysia
  • Roche Pharma Portugal
    Roche Pharma Portugal