Re&Act’s goal of this four-year partnership with Aiducation is to provide 80 high-potential students from disadvantaged backgrounds access to secondary-school education and better opportunities to realise their full potential for themselves and for their country. 

The scholarship includes that each student joins a network of peers who meet regularly for seminars, mentorship academies, group mentoring, career rotations, start-up experiences and other support.

While primary education is free-of-charge for all children in Kenya, secondary school education is not. Therefore, thousands of students dropout of school after their first years of education.

Annually, Roche and AIDUCATION organizes a “Mentoring Day” focusing on education and career inspiration at Roche in Nairobi for students entering their final year of secondary school.

Currently, 79 students are enrolled in their second year and one student is in their third year. Most students are performing above average and 13 students are in the top 5%.

Aiducation International is an international "for impact" non-profit organization in the field of education. It sources scholarships from private persons in developed countries and awards these scholarships on a merit basis to needy students in developing countries.

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