While primary education is free-of-charge for all children in Kenya, secondary school education is not. Therefore, thousands of students drop out of school after their first years of education.

Re&Act’s goal of this four-year partnership with Aiducation is to provide 80 high-potential students from disadvantaged backgrounds access to secondary-school education and better opportunities to realise their full potential for themselves and for their country. The scholarship includes that each student joins a network of peers who meet regularly for seminars, mentorship academies, group mentoring, career rotations, start-up experiences and other support.

Additionally, each year a “Mentoring Day” focused on education and career inspiration will be organised at Roche in Nairobi for all Aiducation-sponsored students entering their final year of secondary school.

Aiducation International is a non-profit/for-impact organisation founded in 2007 focusing on education by providing merit-based secondary school scholarships to bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds in developing countries such as Kenya and the Philippines.