Since its independence from the French in 1953, Cambodia has been subjected to many years of exploitation by multiple regimes. From 1975 to 1979, the Khmer Rouge killed an estimated 1.5 million Cambodians while in power. Following this period, Cambodians still suffered immensely under subsequent governments from starvation, forced labour, and other forms of extreme hardship. Only recently has education been a focus of the government, but decades of mismanagement have left the educational system under-funded and of poor quality.

The Cambodian Ministry of Education has stressed the importance of technical education through its Technological Education Expansion Programmes and the inclusion of computer courses in the national curriculum. Despite these efforts, a lack of resources means that most schools will be unable to provide students with the requisite equipment to properly learn information and computing technologies.

With practical computer skills, students will have the opportunity to adapt more effectively to the changes of the labour market. Using technology in teaching is also an opportunity to improve the quality of learning by eschewing less effective, and often-traditional, teaching methods. Technology helps students to continuously develop their skills and understanding of the world, and to work towards a better future. 

Cambodia, as one of the least-developed countries in the world, is in the early stages of integrating computing technology in its formal education system. Throughout the country, but especially in rural and remote areas, computers and computer labs are still uncommon in the educational system. Cambodian students are unable to enjoy the benefits of learning new technologies that are crucial in the knowledge economy. This situation makes it difficult to meet national educational objectives and job-market requirements. In order to help enhance learning and teaching, and to provide students with essential skills, we supported Bour High School with a new and fully-equipped computer lab.



  • A new computer lab at Bour High School
  • Renovations to the computer lab in Bour High School