Re&Act and Child’s Dream established an agreement in 2020 to provide quality schooling at primary, secondary and high school level and to ensure a safe and secure learning environment in remote communities in Northern and north-western Cambodia.

Through our collaboration, we are providing scholarships to 35 students in seven high schools across Cambodia to increase the number of students continuing their higher education. The scholarship covers education-related, living, and transportation costs for the three years of high school education.

In addition, we supported Bour High School with a new and fully-equipped computer lab in order to help enhance learning and teaching, and to provide students with essential skills. This is important as computer facilities in schools in rural areas of Cambodia is uncommon today.

Child's Dream Foundation is a charitable not-for-profit organisation founded by Daniel Siegfried and Marc Jenni in 2003. The foundation is dedicated to empowering marginalised children, youth and communities in the Mekong Sub-Region of Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia.

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