The project, called "Living Schoolyard Transformation," was created to increase food security through the installation of food gardens in primary schools and increase children’s knowledge of food growing.  Nutrition is an important aspect of children’s education – only well-nourished and healthy children can successfully take part in education and seize the chance to create promising futures for themselves. Establishing fruit and vegetable gardens in primary schools and teaching children a sustainable approach to the environment promises to bring positive change.

The Re&Act-sponsored pilot ran through mid-2018 with the goal to implement the programme in 70 schools, focusing first on locations most affected by 2017 drought.

Re&Act’s relationships with UNICEF and Malawi are lasting and important. One of the first schools in the Living Schoolyard Transformation pilot was Mchuchu Primary School – a school built by Roche Children’s Walk funds and UNICEF 10 years ago.

Project updates:

  • Living Schoolyard transformation has been implemented in 70 schools
  • In order to support the transformation, 30 teachers volunteered in these schools
  • 89'000 students benefited