What we do

Re&Act is a legally independent charity. It was

  • Created in response to strong employee interest in collectively supporting pressing humanitarian needs.
  • Designed to harness the resources and know-how of the corporation while garnering the commitment and generosity of Roche individuals and affiliates across the organisation.

Re&Act focuses its activities and support on humanitarian programmes and community rebuilding projects both for ongoing programmes and as a long-term response to disasters.

While Roche as a company can assess and deploy a range of resources for both emergency and continuing needs, Re&Act reviews project opportunities for which employee donations can be applied.

Organisational principles

Re&Act is consistent with the Roche Corporate Policy on donations and non-commercial sponsorship which

  • Emphasizes projects assuring impact, innovation, sustainability and quality partnering
  • Focuses on a small number of projects where the contributions can make a real difference
  • Prioritizes humanitarian assistance for lasting improvement in lower income countries
  • Includes both in-kind and financial contributions

What we stand for

Re&Act pools individual employee interests and contributions and monitors needs and changes over the longer term. We guarantee that all money donated is invested appropriately and in a sustainable way. Re&Act is a legally independent trust, founded and supported by Roche and its employees, which oversees global charitable donations.

Our goal is to provide sustainable support for selected projects and charitable organisations around the world. We do this in three ways:

  • Managing donations
    We manage and monitor donated funds to ensure they are properly used (e.g. money collected through the Roche Children’s Walk).
  • Humanitarian programmes funding
    We maintain relationships with key charitable organisations to identify opportunities for support of long-term projects.
  • Responding to global emergencies
    We work to channel employee funds to support humanitarian needs and community restoration in the event of natural disasters or other global emergencies.
UNICEF welcomes the support of Re&Act, whose contributions continue to bring about immediate and lasting change for those we work with, providing them with a better future.
UNICEF Switzerland

In 2006

The Re&Act Foundation was established to manage voluntary financial contributions from Roche employees