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The Re&Act idea

Re&Act is designed as a resource for employees and affiliates of Roche to collectively support selected humanitarian and rebuilding projects primarily in the developing world. By creating a mechanism to channel such donations and by accessing the company`s knowledge and assets, it provides the assurance of careful management of funds plus selection and monitoring of projects. Interested parties outside the company may donate to the work of Re&Act as well, if they wish.

Why donate through Re&Act?

One-off fundraisers or donations led by individual sites, departments or teams which are focused beyond their local community have good intentions but are often inefficient and ineffective. Re&Act will coordinate and manage these charitable contributions across the entire Roche organization.

Re&Act helps channel employee and affiliate motivation by:

  • Addressing pressing human needs mainly in the world`s lower income Countries
  • Making contributions in the most effective and sustainable ways

Capitalizing on expertise and knowledge within the Roche organization

Banking details:

Account Name
Roche Employee Action and Charity Trust

CH-8098 Zuerich

Account number / IBAN Number:
CH13 0023 0230 6060 6001 B